I like weather. What can I say? Even took a Meteorology class in college. **The location didn't always work for some stupid reason and had to settle for something nearby.
  1. Local weather because duh High 88 Low 77
  2. Pensacola, Florida High 90 Low 75
    Used to live here. Mom and brother still do and I travel here a couple times a year. In winter Pensacola is ush a good 10 degrees cooler than down here.
  3. Rio de Janeiro high 88 low 70
    Olympics!!!! And their temp is the same as mine in Florida?? Crazy!!
  4. Mackinac Island, Michigan high 77 low 57
    I was born in Michigan and like watching when it's cold and I'm at the beach in sunny FL.
  5. Marshalltown, Iowa high 79 low 55
    In-laws have a cabin nearby. We travel here in summer. Actual location is 1.5 hrs north of this.
  6. Colchester, CT high 86 low 61
    Aunt and Uncle live here.
  7. San Fransisco high 64 low 54
    @kate81 went this summer and I wondered what's it like? I've never been. Why is she wearing a jacket it's July?? Must be cold. Let's check it out.
  8. Prince Edward Island high 73 low 57
    Anne of Green Gables lived here. The winters must have been quite hard. I wanted to see how cold does it get. And how much snow.
  9. Perth high 63 low 52
    Several Listers from Australia. Again, makes me wonder what's that like having winter in my summer? I can't get over it and find it interesting 😀
  10. Lexington Kentucky high 88 low 64
    Lived here for 2 years. Enjoy watching to see what's going on.
  11. Do you see how interesting this is? San Fran and Perth are the same temperature. Who knew?!!
  12. Also, Rio and Perth both in Southern Hemisphere & having Winter. Crazy how Rio is so much warmer. Maybe closer to equator??