1. At the beginning of Fates and Furies, Lotto's mom is a mermaid at Weekie Wachie.
  2. We went there last summer.
  3. There's a lot to do so I thought Id take you on a tour.
  4. The small town is located just north of Tampa. It's a natural spring.
  5. There is a show of The Little Mermaid several times a day. Also swimming. Snorkeling. River boat.
  6. They've built water slides that zip right into the spring water.
  7. The audience sits inside and is facing windows to this part of the lagoon. This is basically the stage.
  8. There are long oxygen tank cords so the girls can be underwater for a while.
  9. It was a fun show. My 6 year old daughter 💓💓
  10. Then we took the river boat. There are manatees and alligators around.
  11. You can take pics with the mermaids.
  12. Or even be a real mermaid!
  13. Isn't it beautiful?