1. My folks were neighbors in college senior year. Dad would have all sorts of parties and there were always people in and out.
  2. One day that fall, dad asked mom out to dinner. They ended up going out quite a bit.
  3. In January 1970 he went home with my mom. My Grandma told mom not to worry about helping out at home or in the kitchen. You take Dadder out and show him around town.
  4. Well, Dad did not know of this conversation. He just saw Mommer not doing anything around the house and when they got back to school broke up with her!
    Yikes😳 In dad's defense his mom was a stay at home mom. Im sure he was thinking my mom should be helping cook and whatnot. What a hipster doofus to not know she was focused on him and doing stuff with him.
  5. Then - guys are you ready for this??- he asked my aunt out (mommer's sister)
    Spoiler alert- she said YES!!
  6. Yada yada yada it didn't work out between them. Apparently he was trying to make mom jealous😬
    I don't get it either- he was the breaker upper. He already had the upper hand.
  7. After graduation he went into the Navy.
    It was Navy or be drafted into the Army and go to combat in Vietnam. Such a different time, wasn't it?
  8. Mom wrote a couple letters to him.
    Totally just as a friend. She was just being friendly and felt bad he was at boot camp.
  9. Well he wrote back, y'all. And then he would call whenever he could. Which in boot camp wasn't often. But still.
  10. That November Dadder asked Mommer to marry him. And they were married March 1971. Then they moved to Spain where Dad had been stationed for the Navy.
  11. Aren't they the cutest? He was always a lot of fun and she must have really liked that to forgive him all this other shizzz.