Inspired by @BWN_7
  1. Picture it. Tallahassee. 2026. We're in town for the FSU Homecoming game. And we have Season tix. On the 40 yard line.
    I'd go for 50 but don't want to be greedy.
  2. My oldest is beginning her Junior year at FSU. She has a major chosen and has never been arrested or done drugs.
  3. My youngest is a senior in high school. She's been accepted to a few schools but not sure where wants to go.
  4. I am not a grandma. Nor am I a mother in law. There may be boyfriends around tho. That would be ok.
  5. We've been married for 26 years. Man how time flies. My Garbear - Gary- is still my best friend. We just like doing everything together.
    Not like one of those crazy couples who dress the same.
  6. He is a CPA. I'm a trophy wife.
    What competition in Hell did I win to deserve you? *I'd rather own a couple duplexes and run those. Or maybe a travel agency. And then travel for free so that I can tell customers how great this or that trip would be.
  7. Our moms are both nearly 80 and his dad is 83. They are healthy, wealthy and wise.
  8. Since the kids are grown we take trips every couple years on a cruise. Also have been back to Europe a couple times.
  9. Today in 2016, my hair is already graying *sighs the longest sigh in the history of sighs. I imagine there is work done there so I'm not completely white haired in the future. I am plastic free, but damn do I look good.