1. I finally. Finally. Fi👏🏼na👏🏼lly👏🏼updated, friends.
  2. Wasn't sure what to think after seeing so many lists about it. Plus there's the change.
  3. But this is pretty close to what it was before.
    There are differences- don't get me wrong. But nothing that's troublesome.
  4. But people. The confetti? That's my fav difference.
  5. I left it up for a full minute or two. Just basking in my confettiness.
    It's a word. Google that shit.
  6. Have you seen this little part down at the bottom?
  7. Why would anyone be so foolish as to turn off the fun🎉🎉
  8. Why don't you get over yourself and enjoy a little cele🎉bra🎊🎊tion?i
  9. If it's that big of a deal to you, send some of the confetti to good ol kzinker.
  10. I hope everyone gets confetti at some point. Would be esp fantastic on your birthday.
  11. Ooooh hey! What if instead of 1,200 frienquances on Facebook wishing you happy birthday, there was lots and lots of confetti here?
    That might just be something to think about and pass along to the people in charge of confetti.