Thanks @dad3 for the idea. I was initially thinking vacation. And was intrigued with @andersun idea of important events. This is hands down the best though.
  1. I am going back in time 15 years to 2001.
  2. My dad passed away unexpectedly 13 years ago in Aug 2002.
  3. I miss him so much.
  4. He was funny. One time an old friend, he hadn't seen for 30 years, recognized dad simply from his laugh.
  5. A few years ago, I had a dream that dad and I were on a walk.
  6. We weren't doing anything special. Just shooting the breeze.
  7. But in the mundane, everyday is where there is life.
  8. This is what our day would entail- the everyday.
  9. Dad and I would start the day with a walk. He used to walk 3-5 miles a day.
  10. Then we would go out on the sailboat.
  11. This was his favorite thing to do.
  12. We would be out on Intercoastal in Pensacola.
  13. During the day I would take lots of pictures and video.
  14. Video is what I miss the most.
  15. The only video I have of him is giving the toast at our wedding. This is nice to have, but I want more.
  16. This is my fav pic of him. His smile was the best.
  17. We would finish the day with dinner with my mom and brother.
  18. I know this is fake but even so it seems incredibly selfish to keep dad all to myself.
  19. After dinner dad and I would go see a movie. We used to watch double features.
  20. Finally ice cream on the way home.
  21. Well time travel to the present bc I want him to see and meet my kids. Well spend the rest of the time at the beach- swimming. Building castles. Sailing if he wants to.
  22. Just being together and doing what we don't get to.