As always thank you @veshecco for the LR
  1. you don't like scary, thriller movies.
  2. while you won't watch scary movies, you like to read the plot on Wikipedia. Bc you are interested in what happens.
    *latest read was Split the new M. Night Shyamalan movie.
  3. Christmas is your fav holiday and you may or may not enjoy a Christmas playlist over the summer just to get by.
  4. you've had high cholesterol since you were a child.
  5. you would rather eat cereal for dinner most nights.
  6. you've never broken/sprained anything
  7. didn't need braces
  8. never had any wisdom teeth come in and occasionally have the dentist double check the X-rays to make sure they're not hiding around somewhere.
  9. you can sing the FSU fight song at the top of your lungs.
  10. the FSU chop makes your elbow ache. Like a tennis elbow but without the tennis.
  11. beer holds no interest or taste.
  12. it feels better to sleep with the temperature cold and then have a down comforter on.
  13. March Madness, NFL draft, Wimbledon and Tour de France are fun diversions until next football season.
  14. you firmly believe baseball and NBA have seasons that are too long. You only check in once it's the playoffs.
  15. you are a dog person at heart.
  16. the first time you got a cat, you were confused why it wouldn't come over to be pet. So many things to learn.
  17. enjoy going to antique stores, playing cards, and movies with Diane Keaton.
  18. had a NFL player teach you how to Hit dem Folk
  19. you could probably count the number of times you've been awake past 3am on one hand
    Not counting the times you were up feeding a 👶🏼
  20. you like to take naps
  21. you're in bed around 8pm and asleep no later than 10.
  22. during the 1 1/2-2hr between, you are grading papers, reading, instagramming, or listing with you fine people
  23. you are horrible at remembering names and so so with faces.
  24. makeup routine consists of concealer, bronzer, and eye shadow.
  25. to iron clothes you throw them in the dryer and hope for the best.
  26. you see dust and wonder to yourself, "Self, how is this so dusty? I just dusted the other......Huh. Yep. I guess it's been over 6 months hasn't it?"
  27. TV shows longer than 30 minutes (21min if recorded) hold very little interest.
  28. your favorite emojis are 💃🏻😍😂👏🏼👍🏼💙🎉😘
  29. Jimmy Buffet. Indigo Girls. Natalie Merchant are some of your favorite musicians.
  30. you get sad when people seemingly don't put in as much effort as you are.
  31. your dad dying is still the hardest thing you've ever gone through
  32. some of the best dreams you've ever had were walking and shooting the breeze with your dad.
  33. you're glad your mom is happy now that she's remarried. You just wish she still had as much time for you.
    Call mostly. She was 2 hours away (you live 10 hrs apart) over the weekend and you had no idea😔 You talked to her about it and she said you would have only seen each other for a couple hours. That's a couple more than you saw each other as it is but you didn't press it.
  34. flowers are the way to your heart
  35. but jewelry will get there quicker
  36. doing the wave at a game is one of the main reasons you wanted to go to the game.
  37. you've never been further west than Texas or Iowa
  38. you get bored with your haircut after a couple years and ready to try something new
  39. you recently came to terms with the fact that you won't ever weigh what you did when you got married. You are ok with that.
  40. people think your voice is cute, soft and / or squeaky.
    Cute- ok. Soft- ok. Squeaky? Shut your mouth you've gone too far.
  41. you don't auto update any apps.
  42. you look back at published lists to reread them. You want to care for and hold them like the little babies they are.
  43. this & Insta are your favorite forms of social media.
  44. you wish we could all get together at a summer camp or vacation locale.