Oh yes, you know them
    "WHATS A FAST PASS??" "WHAT ARE THOSE PEOPLE WAITING FOR??" "WHERES (THIS)? WHERES (THAT)?" Okay these lovable losers are needed, if we didn't have them all the fast passes would be taken way too fast, also everyone deserves a little magic and they'll get the hang of it soon enough.
  2. The Disney Know-it-All
    Some time you'll be waiting in line and you'll ask your friends or family a random question like "hmm I wonder how long it took to build this?" And the person in front will turn around and tell a story about how Walt had dreamed this ride up when he was 2 years old. It will leave you wishing the line moved faster than you already wished it did.
  3. The Upset and Hungry Family
    I'm gonna be honest my family has been this family. And if your family is anything like mine having to pay the awfully expensive food prices for mediocre food doesn't help. Until 15 minutes after when we're full
  4. The Entitled Line Cutter
    These people are the worst. They think that the whole line of tired dead on their feet people waiting for Donald won't notice when they cut to the front of the line. They're wrong. We all notice. But we usually don't say anything, just hold resentment against that person.
  5. The Family With a New Born
    I just have one question for these people, why???
  6. The Family that Goes All Out
    They have a plaid private tour guide, their daughters are getting full princess makeovers, if they're in Disneyland, they probably have reservations at Club 33 too.
  7. The People You Keep On Seeing
    You know, that family or that couple that keep on being in the same place as you. I can still remember the faces of this couple years ago who I kept on seeing. They would read to each other in line. I'll never meet them or know their names, but I hope their still together and that they're well.
  8. The Experts
    These people have been to their home park a billion times, they know what they're doing, don't mess with them. But if you have a question, they're the best to ask.
  9. The Late-Nighters
    The people that stay until closing, smart people, Disney at night is the absolute best. But if you want to open the next morning you're gonna be t-I-R-E-D
  10. The Magic See-ers
    These people are the young and young at heart (see what I did there) and they keep you young, and remind you that yes it is amazing that you are walking down Main Street towards a castle straight from that movie you love watching. Be these guests, we need more.