A random list of animals I encounter on my morning commute...in Haiti

I worked in Haiti for a year and seeing a screaming goat on the back of a motorcycle before I had my coffee became pretty normal.
  1. Cockroach/spider/scorpion thing/mosquitos
    Good morning! Check out what's hanging out on your mosquito net and what managed to find a way inside.
  2. Rooster
    Announcing it's manhood at all hours of the night, but even more so between 5 and 5:30 am.
  3. Goat
    Open the door and this animal, which resembles an alien, is there to baaa at you
  4. Dog
    There's always a dog. Every house has one.
  5. Cow
    Chews and stares at you as you cautiously walk by it...it doesn't seem like it, but Haitian cows move fast.
  6. Turkey
    On Thanksgiving, I bet they were happy that I'm a vegetarian
  7. Horse
    Scared creatures, terrified of all things smaller than them for some strange reason
  8. Chicken + chicks
    A very cute little group that often like to cross busy roads together
  9. Donkey
    Enjoys being efficient and carrying things. Will run over anything in its way.