Things that really grind my gears

some people call them pet peeves
  1. iPhone's red unchecked message bubble
    red is the color of satan
  2. When your parents friends ask if you remember them
    No bish. I met you when I was like seven months old, and you aren't that memorable of a person. sorry
  3. People who clap at the end of movies
    why tho
  4. juice cleanses
    you realize you need to eat to survive right?
  5. PDA
    there is a special place in hell for you people
  6. The color orange
    did someone throw acid in my eyes?
  7. The word "rural"
    it pisses me off almost as much as rural places do
  8. People who don't like SpongeBob
  9. Slow walkers/drivers/cashiers
    did you know that driving under the speed limit is the eighth deadly sin?
  10. Republicans