More than highly opinionated. But more than highly accurate
  1. Marvin's Room
    Cuz FUCK that guy
  2. Worst Behaviour
  3. Tuscan Leather/Hold on We're Going Home
    Fuck it like yolo
  4. 0 to 100
    Drake becomes the rookie and the vet. Incredibly.
  5. Schemin Up
    Should this be higher?
  6. HYFR
  7. Star67
    Wayne's intro alone would have made the top 10
  8. Karaoke
    The Marvin's Room prequel
  9. Shot For Me
    Are there actually 8 songs in the world that we better than this one?
  10. Furthest Thing
    Everything everyone loves about Drake is on full display. Drinking, mobbing, fucking, smoking, plotting, scheming, and accepting the realization of being flawed. Flip this list upside down and I would have few complaints
  11. ***honerable mention*** : Look What You've Done
    Cuz deep cuts