We went to California Academy of Sciences last night to check out the event they have weekly. Here's a little list of species I never knew existed.
  1. Pot-Bellied Seahorses
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    Exactly what you think it would look like: the lazy, "I'm just chillin over here in the cut," don't-bother-me-dude, seahorse of the deep. Perfect.
  2. Weedy Seadragons
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    Ok first off, I always thought Seahorses were fairy tales, make believe, creatures of the imagination. Not only did I finally see a seahorse in person last night I saw. Pot-Bellied one....now you're telling me there are Sea Dragons! Mind blown! These dudes are majestic little buddies and could have easily say there last night and watched them for hours.....on weed!
  3. Lake Oku Clawed Frogs
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    These little guys are like Michael Jordans of the amphibious kingdom. They swim from the bottom to the top and then just float, better yet, parachute like descend to the bottom and repeat the process over and over again...simple life.
  4. The Four Eyed Fish
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    Yep, Four Eyed, this fish had lived with ridicule their entire life. That why they have to watch their front, back, side to side, top and bottom. Haters come from all angles. So their eyes are split enabling them to simultaneously patrol under water as well as on the surface, pretty cool. Stay strong!
  5. Passive Aggressive Crab
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    Totally not the name of this crab, but walking by him last night I just saw a crab that doesn't want trouble but at the same time he let others know he still..you know...a little pushy
  6. Untitled
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    Again sorry, but this dudes plume is so on point! Dapper as one can get. High stepping straight up! He looks like he means business.
  7. Jar Jar Binks
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    Found him. I'm on to you George.