1. Sunset session at Queens
    Surfing with all the Unkos talking story, watching the sunset from the lineup, listening to the music coming from the stage under the banyan tree, warm water and clean lines...perfect.
  2. Pork Hash and Aloha Made Apple Ice Tea
    Post surf sesh doesn't get any better than couple pork hash from 7-11 and washing it down with an ice cold apple ice tea. If you haven't had, trust me.
  3. Driving around the island
    Every time I come back home, I always drive around the whole island, best way to just escape the monotony of the day. Perfect playlist on the radio and I'm in the wind...
  4. The fragrances
    From the sweet smell of rain in Manoa Valley to the pikake, tuberose, yellow ginger, plumeria and my favorite, gardenia flowers, the smell of the ocean, the aromas of all the foods being made from pipikaula to stuffed uhu on the grill...nowhere in the world are these scents duplicated.
  5. The Spirit of Aloha
    It's everywhere. When you walk out of your house it's all around you, from the person walking by you on the street who sees you and says hello, to driving in your car and you're trying to merge in and the car ahead of you waves a Shaka and let's you in. The keiki playing in the ocean to the elders watching over them. The spirit of Aloha is what stays with me when I leave Hawaii and head back to the mainland or where ever I end up in this world...Aloha is what keeps me alive and makes me smile!