So I recently got a new phone so I don't even have any of the GEMS but I'll show you what I'm working with
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    This is Tash. She's eating a plain brat from the gas station. We were on low carb diets so we couldn't eat the buns. The original caption for this picture was cheddar wurst cowboy
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    Teddy was seeing some ghost shit
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    This is the kace rogne starter pack that my best friend Jen made me and it is soooo accurate, especially the bottom ones
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    My grandma is a real genuine hoarder. She's not a garbage hoarder though. My dad and I have taken BOXES of stuff from her house and she's never noticed
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    I have a serious problem with taking accidental front camera pics in the morning while trying to adjust the volume on my phone
  6. There's so many
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