If there's one thing I learned doing this its that it is truly REVOLTING how much Glee music I have
  1. Avril Lavigne's 'Let Go' and 'Under My Skin'
    These were/are so goooood! This was all my sister and I listened to in elementary school. I still remember swinging at recess singing all the songs and stopping and starting the CD's so I could write down my favorite lyrics. Favorite songs: Losing Grip, Mobile, Take Me Away, Nobody's Home. (I'm not fucking around these are seriously great listen to them)
  2. Beyonce's 'Lemonade'
    This is the first full beyonce album I've actually owned and I feel like I need to buy every other single one of them. She goes IN on jay-z and I am so here for it and I love how some songs she's screaming and some she's like breaking she's struggling through it. It makes me feel a whole lot. Favorite songs: Don't Hurt Yourself (obviously), 6 Inch, Formation (obviously again), Love Drought
  3. Circa Survive's 'Juturna'
    I don't remember who introduced me but I owe them a bit. This is one of the few albums I listened to during my "emo/scene" stage (😣) that is ACTUALLY good. The songs flow so well together and I just love his voice! Favorite songs: Stop The Car, Oh Hello, Act Appalled
  4. Across the Universe Soundtrack
    This movie and the songs are soooo good! I don't give one fuck but I can't stand the Beatles, their voices make me want to tear my ears off but I love all the covers so much. Except for Bono, he can gladly exit. This movie made me crush real hard on Evan Rachel Wood. Favorite songs: Because, I Want You (She's So Heavy), It Won't Be Long
  5. Death Cab For Cutie's 'Plans'
    I downloaded their entire discography (omg it took DAYS) and sifted through hundreds of boring songs but this album really redeemed them for me. So many good songs that make me really happy and really sad and really nostalgic. Favorite songs: I almost want to list all of them because it's really hard to pick but I'll say What Sarah Said, Summer Skin, and Soul Meets Body
  6. Demi Lovato's 'Don't Forget'
    I loved Demi in Camp Rock and I fell in love with her voice so I made my mom buy me this in high school haha. It really is so good though! I think this is honestly some of her best singing! This was always the album I listened/sang to during gym in high school and one of my friends was RELENTLESS she made fun of me every chance she could. Favorite songs: The Middle, Get Back (bonus fun fact: my iTunes pooped out a while ago so each songs album art is a different cute pic of Demi 😂)
  7. Fall Out Boy's 'From Under The Cork Tree'
    This brings me baaaaack! Probably one of my favorite albums of all time. This album makes me so nostalgic and always makes me think of jumping off my friends day bed dancing to it. I remember telling my dad (in middle school) that I wanted to change my username to "I'm just a notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song" and he was like "NO YOU FUCKING ARENT" 😂 I didn't know what it meant! Favorite songs: the titles are too long to even list except for XO
  8. Hellogoodbye's 'Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!'
    First off, what a stupid fucking name for an album. You can truly tell what time frame this album came out in by that dumb ass name. But I love how fun and upbeat these are and most put me in a really good mood! Favorite songs: Homewrecker, All Of Your Love, Oh It Is Love
  9. High School Musical 3 soundtrack
    I was sucked in from the beginning of the series but when I saw this was coming out in THEATRES I knew it was going to be good and they did NOT disappoint! May or may not have seen it multiple times in theatres. Favorite songs: (this was super hard to choose) I Want It All, Scream, A Night To Remember, High School Musical
  10. Imogen Heap's 'Speak For Yourself'
    I spent YEARS not knowing Frou Frou and Imogen Heap were the same person and I had both their albums and always thought one of them copied the sound from the other 🙄. She is so soothing and has such a beautiful voice and makes wonderful music and I know by this list it seems like I have TERRIBLE taste in music but for real this is a good one. Favorite songs: Daylight Robbery, The Moment I Said It, Headlock
  11. Jack Johnson's 'In Between Dreams'
    My much older cousin Justin gave me a copy of this when I was pretty young and I really loved how easy going it was, it just really relaxed music and keep my mood light. He's also got a great voice. Favorite songs: Good People, Sitting Waiting Wishing, Never Know
  12. Kate Nash's 'Made of Bricks'
    This reminds me of the summer before 10th grade and that was the best summer of my life so this holds a special place in my heart ❤️. But also Kate Nash is amazing and they're all such fun songs! Favorite songs: (super hard to choose) Mouthwash, Pumpkin Soup, Nicest Thing, Dickhead
  13. Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' (and The Fame and The Fame Monster and Artpop and pretty much any other music she makes)
    I can't even explain how much I hated this when it first came out! I loved The Fame and The Fame Monster so much and was disappointed by this but it grew on me and is still one of my favorites today. So much high energy music!! Favorite songs: Bloody Mary, Government Hooker, Heavy Metal Lover, Elextric Chapel, Americano
  14. My Chemical Romance's 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge'
    This was the album to my middle school life and I literally wore out my personal CD player (Walkman? I don't know what the fuck they were called) listening to this so much! I had such a crush on the bass player, he had some great make up. Favorite songs: Helena, I'm Not Okay (I Promise) (A FUCKING CLASSIC), You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison
  15. Nicki Minaj's 'The Pinkprint'
    This album has me shaking my ass and crying at the same damn time. Her songs are so personal and so deep and so fucking good! The way she enunciates her words is so good and there's one line where she says "all I want is to love and be loved" and you can just hear her pleading in it. 😫 seriously Nicki is my favorite person in this whole world. Favorite songs: Truffle Butter, The Crying Game, Win Again, Favorite
  16. Spring Awakening soundtrack
    Ok I do hate one song (my junk) but the others make up for it. I had a serious obsession with Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff for a little bit and this lulled me to sleep many nights of my college years. If I listen to the whole thing all the way through I'm literally fucking SOBBING through Those You've Know and The Song of Purple Summer by the end. Favorite songs: Mamma Who Bore Me (and reprise), The Dark I Know Well, The Mirror-Blue Night, Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind, The Song of Purple Summer
  17. Panic! At The Disco's 'A Fever You Can't Sweat Out'
    This gets me so pumped up!! I used to drive around for hours with one of my friends just SCREAMING these songs at the top of our lungs. I used to have some pretty interesting band tees (only thing I wore in middle school) of them and I wish I still had them. This whole album is so upbeat and perfect for dancing and singing and screaming. Also I love that my iTunes classifies this as "emo" Favorite songs: TOO FUCKING LONG
  18. Sia's '1000 Forms of Fear' and 'This is Acting'
    I can thank my roommate Ben for playing these constantly for getting me into her. She has such an amazing voice and is so RAW!! Like she cracks and screeches in some of the songs and she doesn't edit it out and it truly just adds to the performance. She is such a great songwriter so every single song is amazing on its own but together it's even better. 1000 Forms of Fear takes the win out of these two. Favorite songs: Bird Set Free, Unstoppable, Free the Animal, Cellophane, Big Girls Cry
  19. Spice Girls' 'Spiceworld'
    Movie of my childhood (though the toilet scene where the guy crawls out still gives me the heebie jeebies) and album of my childhood. I can't even tell you how many dances I had to these songs!! I was just all about everything they did and I loved the constant GIRL POWA shit. Favorite songs: Do It, Move Over, The Lady is a Vamp, Viva Forever (song of my breakup with my kindergarten bf - used to lay in bed and sob to this)
  20. Taylor Swift's 'Fearless'
    I used to be a HUGE Taylor swift fan, like HUGE. I think I pretty much kept it on the DL though. This was an album I listened to constantly and I still love it. In my mind, it's when she was just the slightest bit country but just a lil more poppy and it was the perfect tswift for me. Favorite songs: Love Story (so much nostalgia!!), Breathe, Forever & Always, Change
  21. There were SO many albums where there were one or two songs I didn't like but this list was already too long anyways. But some of my favorite artists never even made this list!
    Like Rihanna, Sufjan Stevens, Paramore, Florence, Adele