Mostly junk food but that's the best stuff anyway
  1. Gardein ANYTHING
    All of their alternatives have such good textures and flavors. My two favorite are the mandarin orange crispy chicken and the chicken scallopini
  2. Earth Balance
    Earth balance is mostly known for their spreads (which taste exactly like any other butter/spread out there) but they make the most amazing chips EVER! The sour cream and onion is a dead ringer for the real ones and the cheddar have this amazing sharp savory flavor
  3. Pretzel Crisps
    The everyone flavored ones are a staple at my house. SO good with hummus
  4. Chili lime Pringles
    SWEET JESUS. when I worked at Walgreens a girl came in and bought every single can we had in the store (like 30) so it really made me want to try so I did and there is truly nothin like them they're soooooo good
  5. Enjoy Life soft baked cookies
    Don't expect a lot of from these cuz they're literally the size of a quarter but they're super thick and fluffy and I get really good coupons for them so they're worth it sometimes I have a particular fondness for the snicker doodle kind
  6. Simply Orange w/ banana
    Not really a food but this is SO fucking good. I don't understand how it's so good but it really is, I recommend it 100%
  7. Daiya cheddar cheese
    They just recently reformulated this and it is SO much better than it used to be and actually tastes like real cheese and even my best friend (whose main diet is cheese) liked it!
  8. Any type of olive/pickle/caper
    UNLESS! it is stuffed with/paired with bleu cheese cuz that is nasty as fuck. But if it's salty and sour it's fo me
  9. Food Should Taste Good olive chips
    Keeping with the olive theme from the last entry. These are super crispy (but not crunchy) and have such a nice subtle but obviously there olive flavor. Super good with hummus or alone
  10. So Delicious salted caramel cluster cashew ice cream
    This is creamier and better than normal ice cream and if I had the choice I would definitely still pick this one!
  11. Amy's ANYTHING
    These were my life line when I first became vegan. So many good options, my favorite are the golden lentil soup, the vegan pizzas, the tofu scramble, the tamale verde, and the vegan Mac n cheese