I was slightly calmed by how many fears I COULDN'T think of, so this list made me feel better
    #1 worst thing. It all stemmed from one experience. When we were renovating our basement I was banging a stick around in a hole in the wall and a GIANT spider came out and came at me and followed me out of the room and up the stairs!!! Been terrified ever since
  2. Crickets
    Grasshoppers are cool as fuck and I love them but crickets can go to hell. My step brother used to grab them and throw them at me so that really exacerbated the fear
  3. Winter driving
    I used to love it and I was really good at doing cookies on the ice but I swung too hard one time and slammed into a tree/snow bank so that didn't help. And then last year I drove from Michigan to North Dakota straight through and I hit multiple blizzards along the way and that trip just really fucked me up
  4. Guns
    I hate guns. I don't want to be at fucking Starbucks and see a pistol hanging out of your pocket
  5. Flying
    I used to LOOOOOVE flying, but something snapped and now the only thing I can think about when flying is that you are thousands of feet in the air with no parachute. The plane stops working and you're FUCKED. Smushed flat as a pancake on the ground
  6. Anything in my ears
    I hate anything in or around my ears. Soap bubbles are the worst because you can't get rid of them unless you put water in there which is AWFUL and you can hear them popping UHG it's so bad. Also bugs in my ears - huge fear
  7. People chasing me
    Specifically up the stairs. There's just something about it that makes my heart rate go through the roof and I feel like my feet can't move fast enough and I'm instantly panicking
    For obvious reasons