I just need to suck it up and get shit done
  1. External hard drive
    My computer broke and I thought I lost everything and panicked but it turned out it was just a broken cord so the universe gave me a second chance and it's been over a year and I still haven't backed up my stuff
  2. Plain black shoes
    I've been continually buying $7 sneakers from Walmart to avoid buying $50 slip resistant shoes for my job cuz I'm cheap
  3. Knee brace
    So within the past few years I've noticed that one of my legs is slightly longer than the other one, which may potentially be all in my head but it has genuinely made my hips and knee hurt so I need to do something to take away this real (or entirely in my head) pain
  4. Hair dye
    My rooooooooooots
  5. Windshield wipers
    A 1/4 inch piece of my wiper got stuck to my windshield and broke off and within a matter of days I had about 3 inches of wiper left so I have to get new ones. I'm getting the nice ones with rain-x built into them!
  6. Toe straightener
    I have a toe that has an extra bone in it that makes it curve down and a little to the side and it's always bothered me. My mom actually brought me into a podiatrist when I was a baby to get it fixed but when she saw what other childrens' feet looked like in the waiting room she felt bad for even coming in for something so small so she left and it never got fixed. But I feel like it's been starting to curve more lately and it's all my mind fixates on!
  7. Vegan toothpaste and deodorant
    I actually already bought these cuz I ran out of toothpaste... But I've been meaning to switch over to vegan version of these things for a while and so far I'm super pleased with them! I got a nice peppermint toothpaste and a cucumber aloe deodorant!