I start in the United States and then branch out
  1. Wisconsin Dells, WI
    I drive through here all the time and have stayed near it once but I need a weekend to stay here and go to all of the waterparks and then go to the outlet mall near it 💳💵
  2. Areas along the east coast, like Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and Boston.
    Because I was a history major I have learned so much history about this area so it just makes me want to go there. Plus I've seen National Trasure too many times
  3. Yellowstone
    How could you not want to see geysers and walk over the most giant lava pit that could blow any minute?! Plus it's beautiful
  4. The Appalachian mountains
    Somewhere in the Cumberland or Great Smoky Mountains. My geography of the US and Canada made me realize how beautiful this place was so I want to go
  5. Vermont/New Hampshire
    I've had this view of a perfect house on a perfect street in my head ever since I was little and the closest images I've ever found to it have been from this area. Plus it seems like a nice country hill area up there
  6. Oregon/Washington/British Columbia
    There's a cimate zone called marine west coast and it's really only found along the coast of these states/provinces so I've always been super interested in that area! It's the perfect combination of mild weather, coastline, forests, and mountains - which is really everything I ask for
  7. Iceland
    A few of my friends went there and the pictures they showed me of this area made me fall in love with it. This definitely would only be a visit situation though because that's too much snow and cold for permanent settlement
  8. Norway
    I'm like 75% Norwegian and my grandma is still in contact with some of our family there plus a few years ago some people added me on Facebook and started asking specific questions about my family because they found a box full of pictures and turns out it was a bunch of pictures my great grandpa had still been mailing over to family before he died and they found it at their grandma's house or something and were trying to figure out the connection. So we have more family than we thought we did!
  9. Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe
    This area is really cool geographically. It's like the earth just split in two
  10. Take the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
    This isn't really a specific place but I would love to explore this area and walk this trail and the history here just blows me away!!
  11. India/Himalyas
    There's always been something about India that has attracted me and if I'm in the area I obviously would like to see the highest mountain chain in the world. Plus this area is also super cool geographically with the Eurasian plate and the Indian plate colliding the way they do (and did)
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  13. Alaska
    I forgot to include this in the US section but it's SO BEAUTIFUL THERE and to see and walk on huge million year old glaciers is just amazing
  14. Last but not least, the Amazon Rainforest
    Rainforests are my most beloved feature of the earth, all the different plants and animals and insects! Everything about it interests me so much I could live there forever