I can pin point the exact moment where I think I was starting to understand that I was different (aka gay). This happened in the 5-6 age range.
  1. The clearest was when I was sitting in my living room looking through the vhs's and I can across one I hadn't seen before.
  2. My mom comes out of nowhere and snatches it and brings it over to where my aunt Jan is sitting.
  3. I hear them talking about how I almost saw their video from when they went and saw chippendales on my aunt Jan's bachelorette party.
    Still don't know how I knew what chippendales were
  4. And my instant reaction was "what the hell mom and auntie Jan, that's gross as fuck who wants to see naked men?!!?!!!!"
    But it was just a thought in my head and I imagine there was no cursing
  5. But it really made me realize that I was the one who has deviated from the "norm" and not the people around me