1. Grammar
    I can spell and I know how to create sentences but I don't know the names of anything or what a preposition is and I don't get why we have so many rules when every language does it different!
  2. Chinese Dynasties or the Roman Empire
    I am a social studies and history major so this is really bad. The Ming dynasty was when? And the Romans did what again? I somehow missed ALL of this
  3. The differences between the many denominations of Christianity
    The only one where I can really see the difference is with Catholicism. I just don't get why there are so many
  4. How to do taxes
    I'm filing for myself as in independent for the first time this year and I'm just not sure where to start and I've been worrying about if there are things I should have been saving that I didn't save and I feel like I'm gonna get like $20 back
  5. Anything that falls under the umbrella of something a "handy man" would do
    I don't know how people can just fix things without instructions
  6. Why pieces of animals are called such different and weird things
    Shank? Rump roast? Pork butt??
  7. Babies
    Super uncomfortable. Them being the most fragile thing mixed with not being mine means I generally don't even want to touch them