things I like about myself

  1. I have dyed my hair well over 200 times and it's somehow still on my head
    I sometimes think I have magic hair because it's never even been damaged from dying or bleaching it. And I'm cheap, I buy the 2.99 shit
  2. I'm super good at math
    IT MAKES EVERYDAY LIFE SO MUCH EASIER. Side story: when I was a cashier at target I accidentally grabbed the wrong coin for someone's change so it took me a sec to get it all and she looks at me all sorry and goes "it's ok, I'm bad at math too" and i was like stopped dead in my tracks I was so offended
  3. I've got green eyes
    I like it for the fact that it's super rare but also cuz they're cool lookin. Also, literally EVERYONE on both sides of my family have brown eyes so I'm not sure where I came from
  4. I get genuine joy out of being nice to others and making other people happy
    I used to think I was a super nice person but I definitely had some awful qualities but I hope at this point in my life I've weeded those out. But nothing makes me happier than being a nice and upbeat person
  5. I don't have any sort of social anxiety
    Unless I'm surrounded by super attractive skinny people and they're being standoffish. But I have no issues with small talk or having to make phone calls or interacting with people I don't know
  6. How far left I am
    I've always been pretty liberal but I'm glad I've truly found the light and know that I've fighting for the side that ACTUALLY cares about people who don't fall into the rich white male box
  7. My nails
    Those bitches are strong and hard as fuck! I've never broken one and I think the fact that they're so damn hard is the reason I could never pick up the habit of biting my nails. I've literally been able to unscrew a screw using my thumb nail 💅🏼
  8. My ability to get things done under pressure
    Key word is "under pressure" meaning I'm a HUGE procrastinator BUT! I always always always get my shit done on time
  9. My eye for bargains
    I literally don't pay full price for anything - if it's not on clearance or I don't have a coupon or a rebate I'm not buying it. I recently got a $64 dress, a $34 cardigan, and a $54 sweater for.....wait for it.............. EIGHT DOLLARS 🤑