I had an iTunes gift card from Christmas and it was put to perfect use. Inspired by @clownhairqueer
  1. Consideration (feat. SZA)
    By FAR my favorite. I literally cannot get enough of this song. It's been stuck in my head for at least a week. It's just got such a good beat and sound I love it
  2. James Joint
    I don't know if this counts cuz it's technically an interlude but whatever. She sounds so good on this, I love the vocals
  3. Desperado
    So catchy! And it just feels so like sassy and emotional, I feel like I should be driving through the desert in a convertible
  4. Pose
    M dollas posted a screen shot of this song but it was Rihanna and Eminem and I love their other songs together so I was sooooo excited to hear this song but it's just Rihanna on the album so I was kind of bummed but I still love it it's super fun
  5. Work (feat. Drake)
    I didn't like this one at first very much because of all the repetition but now I like it cuz I can see Rihanna dancing to it and I love it