I'm spending this thanksgiving 100% alone for the first time in my life so I'm going all out and making a feast
  1. Tofu roast stuffed with wild rice
    I got it last year and it was surprisingly much better than expected so I got it again I'm gonna roast it with a bunch of carrots and potatoes too
  2. Mashed potatoes
    I don't know a holiday without mashed potatoes
  3. Sweet potatoes
    No marshmallows for me but plenty of brown sugar
  4. Biscuits
    Obviously from a can no way can I make biscuits. I got cornbread ones and regular ones
  5. Cranberries
    I've literally only ever liked the jellied kind straight from the can but I amped it up this year and got organic
  6. Stuffing
    I don't know where the hell I was looking last year for stuffing but I couldn't find any vegan ones so when I found some sage and thyme stuffing I was pretty excited about that. Stuffing is my FAVORITE!!!!!!
  7. Mushroom gravy
    This is being made 100% from scratch so I'm nervous but I'm hoping it comes out alright
  8. Corn
    Who can eat mashed potatoes without corn?
  9. Dutch apple pie
    I made this 2 days ago and have already eaten 3/4 of it so I have to save some for tomorrow