My Most Favorite Photos of My Most Favorite Place on Earth: Minnesota ❄️

Photos of home from my phone of all corners of this beautiful state ❤️
  1. Red Wing, MN
    Home of yours truly and Barn's Bluff, a Red Wing staple with plentiful trails and beautiful views!
  2. Downtown Minneapolis
    My favorite city in the whole world. Everyone makes you feel at home—and there's always something fun happening.
  3. Classic frozen lake photo, just to make sure y'all see the snowier side of MN
  4. Frontenac State Park
    More views of the beautiful, bluff-filled Mississippi River valley my people hail from 🌲
  5. The Mighty Mississippi begins in our beautiful state—and here it is from the sky ✈️
  6. Minneapolis, MN
    More views of this amazing city 🏙
  7. Lutsen, MN
    Way up north—Classic Norwegian ski town right on Lake Superior ⛷
  8. Marjorie McNeely Conservatory, St. Paul
    Even in snowy months, we keep a pocketful of sunshine in the conservatory all year round 🌱🌸☀️
  9. Minnesota is the best place on Earth
    And maybe that's biased, but I love it here. The people are friendly, the food is delicious, and most of all: it's home sweet home 💕❄️🌲