Occasionally phrases escape our mouths and my husband and I like to turn them into names of bands maybe we'll someday start. Below are those bands
  1. Rebelgian Waffles
    Breakfast rock band
  2. Tasteful Sideboob
    A band you think will be punk and sexy but we actually just sing about intersectional feminist issues and the like...but in an appealing manner
  3. Sturdy Pancake
    We like breakfast, okay
  4. Punk Approaching 30
    This one kind of paints its own picture.
  5. Murdercine
    Gotta have a metal band in the mix—and this is a great name for it.
  6. Science Friction
    Educational band that features lessons on the natural world and totally HAWT beats (because of the friction and friction creates heat—science!)
  7. Soggy Undercarriage
    I mostly think of a swamp when I think of this band—so like, swamp-y tunes? Or maybe something more upbeat but at all of our shows we bring water balloons to throw at the crowd
  8. Garbage Juice
    Grunge band—name inspired when driving down the interstate next to a garbage truck.