i know none of these dogs names
  1. squishy buddy
    herding group maybe? low to the ground. dumb but happy face - looks like a v. cute foot stool
  2. tiny baby
    toy group. looks like a dollop of lemon meringue. once, when i entered the elevator on my way to work, the dog immediately got on its hind legs and spun in circles. i teared up over it on my walk to the train.
  3. big boss
    he (?) lives next door. has a white old man face. pitbull-ish? oat-colored. i like to think of him as a consigliere like stevie van zandt on the sopranos. bad posture.
  4. noodle
    poodle group. i often have to remind myself to not get on the ground and hug this dog. bigger than a breadbox. seems lonely.
  5. brosephs I and II
    unknown origin. these dogs live on the top floor of the building so i think they think they run shit. they are probably too big for their apartment and one day i will probably tell them to bring them down a peg.