austin can be an overwhelming place to visit because everything is a dream. here are some things to do/drink/eat while you debate never returning to your job/life/family and just hanging out forever
  1. tamale house east [1707 e. 6th st]
    this is a mom and pop place in east austin that serves very cheap and very good breakfast tacos. you can't really walk five feet in austin without being hit by a breakfast taco but THE also has a really nice patio to chill out and savor your breakfast on and everyone who works there is nice as hell.
  2. yellow jacket social club [1704 e. 6th st]
    this place is right next door to tamale house east and has one of the more happening brunches on the east side of town. they usually have a good deal on bloodies and mimosas on the weekends and sometimes they have bands play outside in the patio. i have never seen this place less than moderately packed but there is always room to hang comfortably. a good bar to meet up with people late nights, too.
  3. lucys fried chicken [two locations, both good]
    the fried chicken is insane, there are oysters and nice cocktails and the patio is killer. each one also has a nice collection of old show posters from country artists' shows in austin that are cool to look at.
  4. egos [10 south congress avenue]
    this is a karaoke bar inside the sketchiest parking garage in the world. it is the most fun and the drinks are super cheap. the crowd is always really interactive and every once in awhile you will get a very out of place old man or suburban mom who jumps up and just KILLS it. get there before ten on weekends!
  5. barton springs
    its a giant ass natural outdoor swimming pool. it has a diving board and a huge park on either side. you have to go.
  6. la barbecue [902 east cesar chavez st]
    everyone will try and tell you what the best bbq in austin is and they are all correct. this one is my favorite and they also let you byob while you are waiting in line (you know it's good bbq if they make you wait in a line outside like an idiot).
  7. broken spoke [3201 south lamar blvd]
    this is an incredible old honky tonk dance hall and upon entering you will immediately be asked to dance by someone who is 70+ years old and it will be a life-changing experience.
  8. elizabeth street cafe [1501 s. 1st st]
    good bahn mi and french pastries and it looks very nice in the background of the impressive instagrams you're gonna be posting of you looking great and having fun while eating delicious things.
  9. alamo draft house [literally everywhere]
    it might seem weird to go to the movies on vacation, but this place makes it 100% worth it. it's a dine in theater that serves local craft beer and movie themed menus and they host fun things like the big lebowski quote alongs where they bring you white russians and props to throw at the screen.
  10. east side king [best location is in the backyard of liberty bar, 1618 e. 6th st]
    paul qui's a big dude/chef in austin and this is his food truck. anthony bourdain lost his mind over the food here and i've never met anyone who was not dumbstruck by the beet fries so it is worth a shot.
  11. easy tiger [709 e. 6th st]
    this place is plunked down in the touristy/college bar section of downtown but it is worth dealing with all that comes with that. it is a beautiful little beer garden with an unreal amount of craft beers and charcuterie and there is a ton of patio seating. my favorite part is that you can play ping pong next to a canal, but if that is not your thing, there are a lot of nice board games and quiet spots inside.
  12. la condesa [400 w. 2nd st]
    a little more upscale mexican food spot. the interior is really rad and they have guacamole flights and margaritas that do not play. good spot for dates/meetings/getting day drunk/all times, really.
  13. uncommon objects [1512 s. congress ave]
    antique shop that has every weird and beautiful thing you didn't know you needed. animal skulls, squash blossom jewelry, old neon signs, vintage flags. you can expect to lose an hour or so looking around in here.
  14. justines [4710 e. 5th st]
    quiet, sophisticated cocktail spot. also doubles as a french restaurant, but it's best as a late night drink stop. there is often a tintype photo booth in the back worth taking advantage of.