I moved to New Hampshire a year and a half ago, and as a political science geek, I've been following the race from the start! Now the day has arrived and it's time to vote!
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    8:00am- Since I'm a major procrastinator, I'll be registering to vote when I go to my polling place this evening.
    Also my first time voting in person! I voted absentee in college because marriage equality was on the ballot in my home state- and it passed!
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    8:45am- watched "Bern Your Enthusiasm" for the third time- sooo on point πŸ˜‚
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    9:30am- My boss met Rubio and posted about it on our company's social media πŸ˜”
    Everyone thinks I run our company's social media (I don't). Even if I did, RTs are not endorsements people!!
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    10:45am- My sister lives in NH as well so I have to bug her to make sure she voted! Received a snapchat of her "I voted" sticker so I know it's legit. Followed up via text to make sure she voted for my preferred candidate.
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    11:15am- I'm working and following the race on Twitter! Wishing I could join the #RubioRobot and piss off republicans/prove I'm not a Rubio supporter
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    3pm- Skyped a former coworker to bug her about voting and got into a protracted discussion about the American two-party system
    #polisciproblems #embarrassing
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    6:15pm- crazy traffic at the polling place but I'm here and in line to register! πŸš™πŸš—
    Don't think I'm supposed to be on my phone.. But lines = smartphone time
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    6:20pm- I'm a pro and bring all the right documents! Plus the lady is nice and says I have a pretty name πŸ’πŸ»
    Probably because my passport photo is horrendous, no way to compliment that nightmare
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    6:25pm- I'm registered! And promptly almost step I'm vomit trying to find my ballot line ☠
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    6:27pm- find my line and listen to old men behind me debate the turnout and republican candidates πŸ‘΄πŸΌπŸ‘΄πŸΌ
    "Cruz will win Texas for sure, and he's 10 points up in Georgia" (is really that factoring into your vote???)
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    6:30pm- lady asks me why there are so many people who live on my street???
    I live in an apartment complex obvi
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    6:32pm- enter the ballot box and vote! Ponder taking a selfie, but can't remember what the Supreme Court ruled and don't want to risk disqualificationπŸ˜‡
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    6:33pm- put my ballot into the robot-like machine that looks like a paper shredder? Makes me a little nervous πŸ€”
    Honestly cannot be 100% sure I voted because I DIDNT GET A STICKER biggest injustice of the day- what am I supposed to Instagram to prove I'm a good American and better than you?
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    6:35pm- found my car with this parked next to it
    Sorry but when your candidate isn't even in the debates anymore it's time to think about changing your vote..
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    And that's it! Honestly was disappointed no one tried to sway my vote, I was ready to drop some truth bombs. Not really anyone canvassing either, I saw a two Hillary supporters outside but not close enough or enthusiastic enough to talk with. AND WHERE IS MY STICKER
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    Polls close at 8pm, so only a few more hours left to enjoy NH before Trump wins and I start questioning why I am living here again πŸ€“