Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Not so much about the roommate, but my roommate's boyfriend
  2. First to set the scene- it's freshman year, so my randomly selected roommate and I are living in a basic freshman dorm- one room, two extra long twin beds which we did NOT turn into bunk beds
  3. The roommate and I get along fairly well, despite the fact my high school boyfriend and I just broke up and I was an emotional WRECK and not at all fun to be around
  4. Then roommate gets a boyfriend.. BUM BUM BUM
  5. Honestly I don't really care- too wrapped up in my own drama to care and aside from accidentally walking in on them hooking up once or twice I generally know when to get lost
  6. BUT then he starts sleeping over
  7. I don't really feel awkward about the sleeping per se (they wouldn't hook up when I was there) but then the morning comes
  8. He has an 8am, but my classes don't start until 10am
  9. His alarm starts going off at 7:10 with "IM IN MIAMI BITCH" by LMFAO
  10. It's LOUD and he is a snoozer
  11. Meaning I wake up being yelled at by LMFAO at least five times, before this bro finally gets up
  12. No one should have to listen to that song unless they are already party-rocking
  13. This continued at least twice a week for the next month or so 😤
  14. Finally they broke up. And somehow I have never let this go... Moral of the story- don't mess with my sleep! 😴