Most people are sad about being single during the holidays... But not me!
  1. No anxiety-inducing gift buying
    Will they return the gesture? What if they get me a better gift? Being single means I can actually give people gifts in relation to how I feel about them and not fear overgifting
  2. Don't have to meet SO's relatives
    Not having to worry about making a good impression means I can drink in excess without causing lasting damage to my relationships
  3. I can ask friends and relatives embarrassing questions about their partners
    "So when are you getting married?" "Who do you think will get pregnant first?"
  4. Don't have to split time
    Don't have to sacrifice my traditions! Selfish? Maybe...
  5. No pressure!
    Can enjoy the holidays without worrying if he's going to propose, embarrass me, etc.
  6. No sappy Christmas cards
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    Just cute pics of my baby Seymour dressed up like a unicorn
  7. Not having to pretend to like Star Wars
    Haven't seen any of them, nor do I want to 💁🏻
  8. LOVE ❤️
    Just because I'm single doesn't mean I miss out on love! Even better than love from only one person, I'm surrounding by family and friends you care deeply for me! 💕💕💕