5 things motivating me to conquer this epilepsy thing

  1. Seeing my niece play her first season of softball.
    Because this is an extraordinary ordinary life something may seem simple, but is huge transformative deal.
  2. Finishing my Masters
    Because helping is free, but being a licensed psychologist and art therapist will let me get in there and infiltrate (yes, I'm breaking in through the air ducts in black cat suit) with some good will.
  3. Spain
    Because, Spain.
  4. Seeing my mother stress free
    Even though she will never quit smoking or doping on caffeine... Maybe the whole excessive chain smoking and all black wardrobe (obviously in preperation for my impending death) will take it easy.
  5. Adopting my first kid
    Even though I'm sure I will do some mentally irreparable damage along the way to my child guessing by my cats' neuroses, I may just be able to know and raise a hell of a human being.