Why I love this new way to connect with people
  1. I start my day reading a list that might change my perspective for the whole day.
    I said James Brown's daily list from @PappyFerrara when I woke up.
  2. People are kind.
    @kcupcaker is the kindest welcome wagon and relister that A gal could meet!
  3. People pour their hearts out and inspire me to do the same.
    The cathartic art of @kamina inspires me to handle my illness in a different way.
  4. Social media was meant to be transformative, not abusive.
    This bucks what is considered okay in our current culture, and I like it.I don't need a thunder buddy when I log onto li.st
  5. I don't feel the need to make myself a commodity.
    A list is just a mental shout into the void that may connect with some people, not an group of pictures proving how well I'm succeeding in life.