Situations when I WILL "hold it"

Because peeing my pants is surprisingly almost my last option.
  1. At any festival, ever. Just stop being created Porta Pottys. STOP. I don't need boho feathers stuck to my shoes all day.
  2. 3:00 AM in Boulder, Co. My sheets are too warm and my floors are too cold. It'll have to wait until I either wake up or pee the bed bc I'm dreaming of peeing. Sorry kidneys.
  3. In the middle of a thought of a dissertation. I'll use the urge to urinate as fuel to furiously type a whole paragraph in one second. Thanks for the support bladder!
  4. In the middle of the highway where the only vessel that's in the truck is a coffee cup and the only exit is 20 miles before your bladder burst. I have no shame in waiting until the wooded area ahead, but you will wait urinary tract.