1. We are all one or two late payments of something away from being homeless.
  2. We are all here because of the kindness of others.
  3. Shelters can be dangerous and these women and children deserve more.
  4. The woman next to you on the bus might be homeless or facing abuse.
    I was in college working on a postbach in science, and at night there was this quiet young woman (definitely younger than me) that would never talk... Just get supplies and go about her business. She left in the morning at the same time I did. I had an early stats class. One day we walked into the class together. She sat behind me and I never knew it. She was working her ass off to get a degree in psychology to help others.
  5. Sometimes all a person needs is someone to quietly listen.
  6. Women give us life, yet get the most maltreatment.
  7. Children that come in with their mothers are going to be the ones that save this world.
    I never even thought of the trauma and strength of these children until I saw a little girl I came to know and love have to endure this everyday. She escaped a horrible situation with her mother, had three outfits and one pair of shoes, and then all of the kids saw her get on the bus from the shelter. I have more respect for that regal little girl than she will ever know.
  8. Be kind. Teach other people to be kind by your actions.