1. You'll think you are hemorrhaging and possible dying around 13 or so.
    Get ready to be primed for embarrassment. You'll be considered unclean and gross if you don't hide it or can't afford to hide it. Oh, and no one will explain to you what is going on down there.
  2. Get ready for your tribal mask to make you beautiful.
    Make up will have to be your best friend. How dare you show up to a job interview looking all haggard woman.
  3. Expect to be sexually harassed for the rest of your life.
    Don't worry though, it's a complement.You better get used to it because the rest of the world is.
  4. You'll have to work harder than men
    You won't be worth the extra bucks that a man is to do the same job. Because women are full of hormones that make you an unpredictable creature.
  5. Most importantly, you are a bitch.
    Don't say what you're really thinking because how dare you show confidence and have opinions.
  6. Congratulations! Now you are a woman.
    Don't forget to shave those legs.