Because all scars are rock worthy... The ones that go unseen and the big gnarly ones inspired by @elizalou honesty.
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    When you get a second chance you flaunt it sister!
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    My mom worked too hard to make sure I loved it.
    I was 5 when a tree limb crushed in my skull. I had a craniotomy and was missing some important parts of brain, but when I woke up from the comma my mom made it cool. I woke up and "I'm handy capable damnit". If I walk funny "it's adorable." Forgot a word? "I'll describe it.".. In bigger words so you'll learn diversity.
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    I am sucker for a good shaved head, and all of the things people confuse it with.
    "Are you training to be a monk?" "Are you a lesbian?" "Do you like punk rock? I bet you do!" Then I get to explain my story and spread some awareness. 🖕🏻you stereotypes
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    My closest friends started showing off their scars.
    TBI, mental illness, hysterectomy, mastectomy...
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    I'm very competitively stubborn and got to prove everyone wrong.
    I went to med school Mr. Neurosurgeon... 🖕🏻 you social conventions. Maybe I'm out of shape but I can power walk like I stole your grandmas track suit.
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    I get to tell other people that they are going to prove everyone wrong.