2015 was an unforgettable year for sports. It's going to be tough, but I'm going to narrow them down to my top 5 favorite moments.
  1. U.S. wins 2015 Women's World Cup
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    As an American, there's nothing that gives me more satisfaction than dominating other countries in sports. I don't care if it's soccer or water polo. The USWNT kicked ass first and asked questions later. That team was also rallied Americans towards a growing sport and was an inspiration for young women athletes everywhere. USA! USA!
  2. American Pharoah wins the Triple Crown
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    The last to do it was Affirmed in 1978, 37 years ago. American Pharoah was a favorite throughout but was never thought to be among the great all-time horses. And given the fact that the tracks have become even longer than in the past, it only lessened AP's chances. Despite that, the horse accomplished something we may never see again in our lifetime.
  3. Floyd "Money" Mayweather defeats Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao
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    A fight we all wanted to see and waited over 5 years for didn't end in a knockout like we hoped. However, this fight was a good one and strangely created a rift among people who wouldn't normally consider themselves boxing fans. Boxing is a dying sport and this fight may be the last big, anticipated fight we ever see.
  4. Steph Curry leads the Golden State Warriors to their first NBA title in 40 years
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    It looked bleak for the Warriors after the first three games of the Finals against LeBron James' Cavs. Golden State was down 2-1 and it seemed the best shooting team in the league couldn't get much colder. Meanwhile, LeBron was having a Finals MVP-level performance. However, in game 4, Curry and the Warriors flipped on a switch. Golden State swept the next 3 games and won the NBA title. It was one of the more exciting and dramatic Finals series we may ever see.
  5. The New England Patriots win Super Bowl XLIX
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    This Super Bowl pitted the league's best defense against the "evil empire," led by arguably the best QB of all time, Tom Brady. It came down to the wire with Seattle threatening to take the lead at the end. However, a controversial decision by Pete Carroll to throw the ball at the goal line instead of handing it off to running back Marshawn Lynch ended poorly for the Seahawks. Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson's pass and sealed the Patriots' 4th Super Bowl win under Belichick and Brady.