I'm volunteering for Girls Rock NC this summer. It's an amazing camp where young people ages 7-15 learn an instrument and write an original song in one week. They also learn about PGPs, body confidence, making zines, intersectional feminism, DIY clothes, and confidence. This is a list of my favorite lyrics from my first week (of five) at rock camp.
  1. This is the life, the life of a bear. It's filled with journeys coming here and there.
  2. ...So I stole my mom's minivan. She's thinks that I can't drive, but I took driver's Ed... So I can.
  3. Who's got the lighter!? Who's got the lighter!? We're gonna set that boy's hair on fire!
  4. Big kids little kids, we're all the same, just playing the game called life.......... WE LOVE CANNNDDYYYYY!
  5. Sugar crush, sugar rush, makes you sleepy, makes you want to go to bed. Good NIGHT. Sleep TIGHT. Don't. Let. THE BED BUGS BIIIITE!
  6. At least there's no one left to complain about my banjo, it's not a well-received instrument in Fresno (yeah not in Fresno)
  7. ...and we defeated them all so then we went to the outerspace mall
  8. Rockin in outerSPACE! (YEAH YEAH YEAH) Guitar in outerSPACE! (YEAH YEAH YEAH)
  9. This is inconvenient, we can't repopulate... But that's ok because people ruined the earth anyway.... My post-apocalyptic girlfriend, my post-apocalyptic girlfriend
  10. Glaaaaass girl all alone in the dark, but she found a flame to light her waaaaay
  11. We need to find a solution! To end the pollution!
  12. I am was an emotion mixer of sad and excited, because I was sad-ited.