Things that really happened
  1. When I was 10 my mom pressured me into singing karaoke at my great aunt's bar in Montana, because I have "such a beautiful voice".
    I sang "Hotel California" but I didn't know the words and got so sad and scared that I cried. I got consoled by creepy old bar guys telling me I was a "pretty little singer". I only now, at 25, getting over my fear of karaoke stemming from this incident.
  2. I heard a thirteen year old say she had absolutely no idea who Tupac was today.
    Soul crushing
  3. When I was in 7th grade I had a good friend strategically plan out the loss of her virginity.
    Her mom found out and busted down the door to the trailer she was in, and her boyfriend spent the night in jail. Apparently he tried to hang himself with a shoelace, and she was grounded until the end of time. Since I was the goodie-two-shoes friend I was the only one who was allowed to see her outside of school. I think that is probably because her mom thought some of my good would rub off on her. All of this terrified me.
  4. I've never seen Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
    I don't know how tragic this is on it's own, but being from Barstow I feel like I need to see it if only for that one line where they mention Barstow.