Inspired by a conversation I had while watching "Goodbye World", wherein I stated I would really only miss Chipotle. That can't be true, right? When society collapses, what will I miss?
  1. Chipotle
  2. Tumblr
    The best people and the most aesthetically pleasing place to visit. I will miss being able to look at my own blog and remember how good it is.
  3. Coffee Shops
    I'm sure I can still somehow find coffee for a while after the world ends unless part of the whole apocalypse thing is some weird coffee rapture, but it won't be a dirty chai latte made with soy and love and fresh local espresso, or whatever. I will also miss the free wifi.
  4. YouTube
    This one is weird because honestly I don't go on YouTube every day. I go weeks without even thinking of YouTube, BUT it's like a thing I need in my life when I need to learn how to trim a beard, crochet, cut my own hair, or watch that weird commercial I vaguely remember from my childhood. I mean who isn't going to miss those twenty minute long "best of" videos where cats fall off of things or parrots tell grandmas to eat a dick.
  5. Chipotle
    I'm running out of ideas and chipotle is so nice I had to say it twice.