They say an emoji is worth a thousand words. Here's my favorites that I use the most.
  1. 🎄🎅🏼
    I'll start off the list with two obvious choices. During the holiday season these are easily my most used emojis. Santa and the Christmas Tree can be added to anything to make it a bit more festive! They pair well with ❤️, 💚, and ✨.
  2. 🙃
    One of my new favorites. The upside down smiley face is the perfect "it's fine." emoji. If you've seen that comic of the dog saying "this is fine" while his house is burning down around him, I think this emoji perfectly captures that image. Good for sarcastic tweets.
  3. 💖
    I love all the heart emojis but this one is probably my favorite. The sparkles really take the heart to the next level and say "I love this thing so much my heart is actually starting to sparkle thinking about it". Quality emoji.
  4. 😫
    My most used negative emoji is this upset face. I like to call it the D-colon face because it so perfectly personifies the D: emoticon. It's the ideal emoji to use when feeling any negative emotion - sadness, anger, distress, whatever - this emoji cover them all.
  5. 💸
    The money flying away emoji is one of my absolute favorites. It's perfect to use on Instagram photos of shopping hauls and is a too-accurate representation of my life. Another favorite is the money bags, which I use on payday a lot 💰
  6. 🍕
    It's a toss up between pizza and cheese for my most used food emoji, but I think pizza edges out cheese just a bit. It's an old standby. I wish they had more flavors to choose from but this will do until the next emoji update.
  7. 💅🏼
    The nails emoji is another of my most commonly used. I don't know if this emoji was intended to be used to throw shade, but I wouldn't want it any other way.
  8. 🐶
    I like dogs. A lot. This puppy emoji is constantly in my most-used page. I wish there were more colors of dogs available but this one is cute enough to make me happy.
  9. 😎
    Probably my favorite emoji of all time. It's just so perfectly cool. And versatile too! I use this emoji when I feel awesome but also when I'm being sneaky or shady. It really shows everyone that you're feeling boss and you don't care who knows it.