Library Feedback

We requested feedback on what else the library can provide and this is what we got. Not sure if we'll be fulfilling these requests anytime soon.
  1. More porn!
    You have unfiltered access to the Internet! I'm sure you can find some if you try.
  2. Need the wifi to work in the bathroom so I can text while I poop.
    No one really needs to know that though.
  3. We drink lots of coffee. Toilet paper should not be single ply.
  4. Bidets so less wipe time and more study time.
    Seriously people, what's with the bathroom obsession?
  5. 1) flashing lights 2) colorful fabrics 3) men in overalls 4) buff men
    So less library, more rave?
  6. We need dumb pointy anime shades.
  7. 24 hour ninja security
    Maybe we already have that.