1. reading for pleasure when im supposed to be doing my readings for torture (school)
    jokes, reading for school isn't exactly torture but it rhymed. anything for the rhyme
  2. organizing
    i love it
  3. eating
    does this even count
  4. procrastinating
  5. ignoring people i don't like
    i am seriously good at this
  6. making notes in my readings
    i just love seeing all my random thoughts
  7. finding the easiest way to do a task
    i am so lazy
  8. sleeping
  9. walking and talking
    i just love doing this - makes me feel like an accomplished person
  10. being stubborn
    like you can tell me your opinion on something and i can nod like i agree but really, you're wrong and im cursing you in my head and i will NEVER DO WHAT YOU TELL ME TO
  11. being polite
    manners are important
  12. reading train maps
    when travelling
  13. problem solving
    not like math problems (i suck at those) but legit problems that need immediate attention ( things that go wrong at an event for example)
  14. making lists?
    (apparently not one on this app - but list i keep in my notebooks)
  15. remembering dates
    birthdays particularly (but i somehow forget about them when the day arrives?)