jumping on the bandwagon
  1. january
    my tbr pile of books that i did not manage to complete now that it's coming to the end of the year...
  2. february
    spent a long time on this book
  3. march
    my sister cramming for her end of year exams
  4. april
    took a trip into the woods to recharge with nature
  5. may
    my grandmother passed away this month (also my birthday month) after a long fight with cancer
  6. june
    this grasshopper landed on my head a month later and we all believe it's my grandmother coming back to visit us. (it's a chinese superstition but it's also kind of comforting)
  7. july
    went on vacation to taiwan!
  8. august
    started my first year of university - also started my student loans that will stick with me till i die 💁
  9. september
    played with sparkles on mid-autumn festival!
  10. october
    a little random but very motivational
  11. november
    did some calligraphy for my sister
  12. december
    my second rainbow in a month so you can imagine my joy