i previously wrote this all out and proceeded to publish but it disappeared (one of my woes about the new update)
  1. izzy stevens/phoebe buffay
  2. besides the fact that they're both blonde, they're both badasses with a heart of gold
  3. cristina yang/monica geller
  4. both take no shit and would get what they want if they want it. both are really empowering and inspire me.
  5. meredith grey/rachel green
  6. both sort of have doubts about themselves or are doubted by others but they pull through and excel in what they do.
  7. which would make
  8. derek shepherd/ross geller
  9. they're both really passionate about their profession. they also irritate me when they think (assume) they know their other half better than they know themselves. like i hate that, don't assume. also, i really really disliked ross (in all my re-watching of the show, he never fails to make me go ugh)
  10. mark sloan/joey tribbianni
  11. well...both are good looking and playboys but both also deserve to be given more credit for what they do for others. both are really loyal friends too (even though they both also slept with their friends' ex, still) cheat: they're both "doctors"
  12. george o'malley/chandler bing
  13. they're both like the sweetheart of the show? both are also sort of what makes me want to keep watching the show - even though george left the show in its early seasons. both are also insecure people