because we know there will be more - thats what life is all about.
  1. grabbing a random lady's hand
    i was stepping out of the train and the heel of my foot went a bit into the gap between the train and the platform and i was merely grabbing her hand for support. didn't even think about it. but she looked at me like i was mad.
  2. a basketball slammed into my face
    (another basketball story) my coach was passing the ball to me FROM ONE END OF THE HALL TO ANOTHER and I didn't think fast enough and it went right past my hands and hit my face. my glasses were flattened against my face and i lost my dignity forever that day. ha, if only it was that easy, no.
  3. when i exited a lift and jumped upon seeing my neighbor
    well, to be fair, i was giving myself all kinds of scare in the lift with my over imagination and it was late at night and he came out of nowhere. also, he totally jumped too so this is a funny story.
  4. caught singing to myself
    you know how sometimes you're taking a walk home and you have your earphones in and you start having your own lip sync battle? well, yeah, i was doing that because there was no one (i checked) and then i turned a corner still singing and totally embarrassed myself.
  5. hands shaking while i was doing a reading in front of the whole class
    so my english teacher in my secondary school had each of us stand in front of the class reading a passage aloud. the passage i was reading was an excerpt from alice in wonderland and as i reading, my nerves got the better of me and my hand shook so hard that the paper i was holding trembled and my friend sitting at the back of the classroom could see it shaking. the thing was, my voice was so stable and the teacher actually praised my reading but damn that was humiliating.