this came to mind the moment i saw the first point
  1. the story is sectioned according to the seasons of the year, beginning with winter
  2. there is a musical
    gg: the stars hollow musical lll: the entire movie is a musical
  3. someone loses themselves
    gg: lorelai unsure of where she is in life and goes on a wild trip lll: sebastian going on tour with the band and changing his sound
  4. someone wants to catch a big break
    gg: rory waiting for her journalism plane to take off lll: mia dreaming of making it to the big screen
  5. the dream is fulfilled with some form of writing
    gg: rory writing a memoir of her life lll: mia writing a play starring herself
  6. everything seems a bit too magical to be true
  7. Static
  8. Static
  9. cheat: both aired in 2016