because really, do people not see me?
  1. when we were playing basketball back in secondary school and i was shouting to this guy to throw the ball over to me but then this other guy came out of nowhere and caught it and then proceeded to take a step backward and step on my feet.
    "what the???"
  2. when my family (all older) was having a conversation on a topic that i was quite familiar with and i contributed to it, hoping to give them some insight, i was talking and talking and no one responded at all.
    apparently no one can hear me too
  3. (this one happens too many times that i'm positive it's just a freaking joke) when i'm standing in the train and people just keep backing up and bumping into me. even if i'm just leaning against the wall of the train.
  4. now when will i be able to turn this into some sort of superpower?