what you think songs mean from just their title and the actual meaning of the songs
  1. love yourself, justin bieber
    what you think: a song about learning to love yourself, coming to terms with your flaws and all what it actually is: a song telling an ex to basically go and f*** themselves
  2. I'm not the only one, sam smith
    what you think: a motivational song about not being alone in this world what it actually is: knowing you are not the only one your partner has - you're being cheated on
  3. always look on the bright side of life
    what you think: as it says in the title we should also see the better side of things and not worry about the bad what it actually is: i did not know that the lyrics go on to add "always look on the bright side of death" oddly inspiring even though it's a bit morbid when you sing it happily...